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International gay youth group plans European conference

Lets Get Organised

International Lesbian And Gay Youth Organisation's First Conference for Young Lesbians and Gay men in Central and Eastern Europe Budapest 5-12 July 1996


The aims of the conference are to gather together young lesbians and gay men from Central and Eastern European countries who are involved in or wish to be involved in the establishment of local youth organisations catering for the needs of young lesbians and gay men. By meeting with each other and also lesbians and gay men from Western Europe, information and training will be given to enable participants to start and/or strengthen organisations within their own countries, learn strategies to prevent the transmission of HIV and establish links with peer organisations in Western Europe.

The programme of the conference will be structured in a series of four tracks. Some of the issues we hope to address in each track include: Track A Human Rights This series of presentations and workshops will look at the political and legal situation facing lesbians and gay men in Eastern Europe. Campaigning and lobbying strategies will be discussed along with the influence that can be brought to bear with Council of Europe membership and rulings of the ECHR.

Track B Youth Groups Setting up structures. Committee Skills and Group Dynamics. Coming Out Counselling. Publicity. Programme Ideas.

Track C International Youth Work. Introduction to International Youth Structures. Planning Youth Exchanges. Twinning Groups.

Track D HIV/AIDS Update on Prevention work in Eastern Europe. Adopting Prevention strategy within your Youth Group. Planning workshops on Safer Sex. Preparation of Publications on HIV and prevention of Transmission


Overall presentations on each issue will be made to the whole group throughout the meeting. Each participant will choose two tracks and follow these tracks for the duration of the conference. At least four workshops will be held for each track. These will be discussion and activity based and will be led by participants and also experts in the field. New and Experiential Learning methods will be used. Conference languages will be English and German. Participants should have good knowledge of one of these languages.


Those under the age of 27 who are involved in lesbian and gay youth or student groups. Particular priority will also be given to participants who wish to establish youth groups /and/or wish to make links with youth organisations throughout Europe with a view to starting exchange projects. IGLYO in particular favours applications from women, people with HIV/AIDS, people with a disability and young people from ethnic minorities. 70% of places will be reserved for those from Central and Eastern Europe with the remainder being distributed to representatives from Western Europe.


The conference will be held in Budapest. The conference is being supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the European Commission and other sources


Yes the conference is being organised in co-operation with young lesbians and gay men in Budapest who will participate in the conference and also organise social activities so that we can truly experience Budapest. There will of course be dancing and an international evening where we will celebrate our cultures and traditions.


The participation fee for the conference (covering food, accommodation, social activities and conference costs) will be 60 DM for those from Eastern Europe and 100 DM from other participants. This is to paid on arrival. All participants are urged to find the cheapest possible travel option. Successful participants will be informed of their selection before 15 June 1996.

Completed Forms should be returned to IGLYO before June 1 1996. Post: Postbus 542, NL 1000 Am Amsterdam, the Netherlands Fax : +31 20 6188172 Email: iglyo@intex.ie.

Forms can be obtained by emailing iglyo@intex.ie.

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