News - May 1996

Educational newsgroup launches

Discussion Group - alt.org.lambda.education

The LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies, has established a news group for the purposes of discussion, research, information exchange and announcements. The Institute carries out research, educational program planning and delivery, and consulting on homosexual, bisexual and transgender social issues and lifestyles for public education.

We invite interested persons to link with our news group, read the postings, contribute topics and discussions of an educational nature, and to the vitality of this discussion group. As well, we are responsible for the monitoring of the group, to ensure that the information posted in the group is not in contravention to our Standards and Ethics policies.

If you would like more information about the LAMBDA Organization, we invite you to connect with us through our Web page, or contact us by the other means listed in the signature of this posting.

The LAMBDA Organization can be reached at lambda@compusmart.ab.ca or through their web page.

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