News - May 1996

Starting a Gay/Straight Alliance? Author wants to talk to you.

Linnea Due, author of Joining the Tribe: Growing Up Gay and Lesbian in the '90s, is seeking to profile the start of a high school gay/straight alliance for a new book.

Concentrating first on the students who are originating the group, the focus would gradually expand to take in other students, faculty, parents, administration, the school board, and finally would become a portrait of the community itself, always through the lens of the group.

Because it's centered around the kids, this book will add a dose of reality to the debate. The group should be planned to start in the fall of '96 and should not be on either coast (sorry, publisher's requirement).

As with Tribe, Due says she can conceal the identities of anyone under eighteen. If you're interested, contact Due at jointribe@aol.com. She says she will try to respond to everyone, but if swamped, may not be able to.

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