News - May 1996

New book for kids about HIV

"My Dad Has HIV," is a new book written by Earl Alexander, Sheila Rudin, Pam Sejkora. It was Illustrated by Ronnie Walter Shipman for ages four to eight years. It costs $14.95, 8 x 10, 32 pages, hardcover (ISBN 0-25190-99-3)

In the story, Lindsey's father, who is HIV+, helps out during Fun Day at school and is sometimes a substitute teacher for Lindsey's class. At first, Lindsey was afraid of what would happen and what people would think. Would her father die? Would anyone want to be her friend?

After her father and her teachers help explain to Lindsey and her classmates exactly what HIV is and how it can make you sick, Lindsey is proud of her father for teaching people about HIV.

At the end of the story, she tells about how her father is doing everything he can to stay healthy, and she hopes that doctors and scientists around the world will find a cure for HIV soon.

Filled with colorful and hopeful illustrations, My Dad Has HIV is a touching first-person narrative with a simple science lesson that young children can understand. Unlike other children's books on HIV and AIDS, My Dad Has HIV is a positive and helpful tool for teachers and counselors that focuses on people who can and do live with HIV.

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