Oasis Prom Special 1996

Feature Stories

You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and You're Gay
A look behind the scenes at the Bay Area's first prom for gay teens
special Oasis feature by Linnea Due

Prom Pathos
special Oasis feature by Dan Woog

Feature Stories

Profile In Courage
Brent Calderwood recounts his memories of prom.
by Jeff Walsh, Oasis Editor

Out of the closet and onto the dance floor
by Brent Calderwood, Oasis Profile in Courage

Prom Memories
by Wei Huey, Oasis Reader

Prom Memories
by Rachel Simon, Oasis Reader

"Time to Take a Stand"
by Gene Bixler, Oasis Contributor

Story of a Prom...Oh What Night
by Brandon Lacy, Oasis Contributor

Photographs courtesy of the Hayward, California, gay prom.

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