By Mike Austin

Whispers in the dark,
that nobody hears
Thoughts fly apart,
through the turning of the years
Pleas for salvation,
but the gods don't care
Warmth needed at night,
that no one can spare

What is this world we live in?
if we can't help each other,
how can we help ourselves?
Each person is just another,
something to use
something abused

Can't we see through the dark
that we've created?
Is there no hope
or will life forever be hated?

Our whispers in the dark,
these pleas for salvation,
But the gods won't hear
We're no longer their creation.

Composed at 7:20pm 4/6/96

Mike Austin, 16, lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., where he's a high school sophomore. He can be reached at mike15@usa.pipeline.com.
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