By John Dimas


Upon thy gentle heart I mine eyes have set
and peace from my mind away has fled.
Were it not for beauty from within
alas, my humble heart accelerates the beat.
'tis known to me by means not of this earth,
thine heart and mine together they would bloom in mirth.


Last night I bade my love farewell.
That part of me just had to die.
For peace I would never find;
With the thought of him still alive
Even far away deep in my mind.
I kissed him on the cheek;
And there, I drew the line.

John Dimas, a 28-year-old pharmaceuticals student in Athens, Greece, says his two poems are the beginning (Hello) and ending (Goodbye) of a six-month-non-confessed-from-a-distance love. Each one is of a different style, which is due to the fact that the first one "was written under the 'influence' of a Shakespearean play I was reading at the time," Dimas says. Drop him a line at jdcl@eexi.gr or visit his web page.
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