Unfulfilled Symbiosis

By K. Morris Kurzman

Sharing a room every night, you and I
Talk of our fondest hopes and foulest demons--
About yesterdays tears and tomorrows laughter.
Never touching, our hearts have met. After
Learing at you across the
Empty room all night I almost feel your gentle hands, but
You never sought my touch, as I seek yours.

Bare souled
And clad
Nightly in despair,
Knowing our cognate natures
Shall never join in flesh, I

Recall your life as if it were mine.
I fill nightly with your dreams,
Crying for fulfillment. Bound to
Heed their call, I can only
Attempt their completion--
Recklessly I forge your
Dreams into infinite realities.
So-- do you dream for me?
Or are my dreams
Neglected by time, unwanted.

I wish each night for days I'll never see.
I dream each night of what will never be.
I pray each night that you will dream for me.
smoke fades and is seen no more

K. Morris Kurzman is a crazy dramatic writing major at NYU on medical leave who can be reached at dkurzman@mcs.net.
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