June 1996

It was cute at first.

But now, without fail, I get two or three letters each week asking me personal questions about the currently-popular band that bears the same name as this zine.

What's more intriguing is that they comment on the content of the zine, say they like what I'm doing, and then ask the questions. Now, maybe I'm naive, but I think this site is obvious about its gay content.

I can't explain this phenomenon, but perhaps in some subconscious way we're helping people break down some Wonderwalls in their minds.

Our apologies for the many people who had trouble reading Oasis last month. The server where we are located had errors which prevented everyone from reading the magazine, but then they appeared to be fixed, until we noticed our hits were at about 30% of what they usually are.

By month's end, everything was back to normal.

If you missed last month, please check out the back issues and give it a look. I'm still playing (cover story) Extra Fancy's album regularly in the background here, and can't wait to see them at San Francisco Pride.

The server problems did cause us to cancel our special section this month, Portable Pride, due to a lack of reader response. The upside is that this did create a spillover of book reviews into our News and Reviews section for this month.

Which brings me to the last point in this letter. As of June 11, I will be a California resident, as I'm moving to San Francisco. This may make the July issue a little difficult for me, but I hope to make the transition smooth. So, if you log on July 1, and there's a new issue, everything's fine. I don't anticipate any problems.

One thing that will change is ways to contact me personally. Jeff@epix.net will be phased out, so in the interim, please use OasisMag@aol.com (I know, AOHell, but it works). Jeff@oasismag.com will also bounce to my newest e-mail address at all times.

Well, next time I write you, I'll be a California resident. And who knows, maybe I finally got to meet Jase in real life by that time.



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