News - June 1996

New mailing list for education issues

To subscribe, send mail to: majordomo@mtcc.com with the words (minus the quotation marks) "subscribe schools"

The SCHOOLS list is primarily used for information which will help the advancement of queer-friendly primary and secondary schools in North America by:

  1. advancing equality for sexual minorities within primary and secondary schools in North America

  2. bringing groups and individuals together to work on strategies to bring a halt to homophobia in primary and secondary schools

  3. resisting religious right and far-right political and legislative initiatives against queer youth in primary and secondary schools, and in colleges and universities.

We hope, through this list, to bring existing groups with useful models into contact with each other, and to bring individuals into contact with those groups. A national network of individuals and organizations is the best chance we have for counteracting the message of the Radical Religious Right and bringing change within our educational institutions.

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