News - June 1996

Lesbian.org Offers Free Web Space for Lesbian Organizations

Amy Goodloe, director of Lesbian.org, announced recently that space on the World Wide Web is now available free of charge to nonprofit lesbian organizations and activist groups through Lesbian.org.

Preference is given to groups whose focus is on social justice issues affecting lesbians, such as adoption, custody, health concerns, and domestic partnership. Eligible groups can request more information by sending email to or calling 510.658.9365. The process is considerably quicker and easier if the group constructs its own web page and delivers it, via email attachment or floppy disk, to Lesbian.org, but in some cases volunteers are available to assist organizations in developing their sites. For more information on constructing web pages, please see: http://www.women-online.com/web/web-resources.html.

Groups already represented at Lesbian.org include San Francisco Lesbian Avengers and the San Francisco Dyke March. For more information and to take a look at the web sites, please see: http://www.lesbian.org.

The goal of Lesbian.org is to promote lesbian visibility on the internet. It is an affiliate of Women Online, an online forum for women located at: http://www.women-online.com.

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