News - June 1996

AOL removes anti-gay poll at GLAAD's request

A poll, "Should Gays Have Special Status?," conducted by America Online after the Amendment 2 Supreme Court ruling has been removed after the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) questioned the use of "special rights." During the original campaign, supporters of the anti-gay measure avoided the real question of true equality for all Americans, by falsely accusing the gay and lesbian community of wanting "special rights."

America Online also created a link to the anti-gay American Family Association's (AFA) Web page, which was dropped at GLAAD's request.

"GLAAD was concerned that America Online would direct people to an organization that espouses hatred of the lesbian and gay community," said Loren Javier, GLAAD's Director of Information Systems.

America Online acted promptly to remove the items after GLAAD contacted the online service provider.

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