By Chris

Chronological deception
By wonder and awe
Sets me up for unknown
Clockwork perfection
Timed to change my mind
Before I know where to stand.

When these worlds collide
In whose mind will I hide
Where will this desperate
Inner struggle of will and force
By the nape drag me to.

The naked truth lies before me
At attention, for this occasion risen
While I, with copious curiosities
Become inward turned.

And last what first began
True in form and passion
I can't hold it together
For she turns down my volume
Silencing me to mute.

My little man
With myth and courage
My time may never come
Where we will be as one
Until I will sit dormant
In eternal solitude.

Saturday May 18, 1996

Chris is a 19-year-old student who enjoys writing short stories, poetry, and cycling.
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