Unfulfilled Symbiosis II (For Kevin)

By K. Morris Kurzman

Some nights, I lie in bed next to you, still
Tasting the memory of your warm body
And wondering how long we will last. You
Never promised eternity. I never asked.
Learning unbidden more and more about you
Every moment we share, I desperately
Yearn to transcend our physical bond.

But you
Always withdraw,
Never letting me
Know your unguarded
Self. Stupid of me. I

Ruefully scold myself-- We are close--
In more than ephemeral flesh. Friends,
Caring more for each other than ourselves.
Holding your body in my arms, I would do
Anything for you, and I know you share my
Resolve. Yet. When your breath is still, the
Dark devours us, and I doubt. How little,
Sometimes, I truly know you. My heart is
Open to you, my soul is yours forever. But will you
Never give as much in return?

I wish each night to know you through and through.
I dream each night to be as one with you.
I pray each night that you still love me, too.
tracks fade and are lost in dust

K. Morris Kurzman is an 18 year old Dramatic Writing major at NYU. He can be reached at dkurzman@mcs.net, barring illness, acts of God, little furry creatures, and general ornery-ness.
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