Hello, readers of Oasis

by Jay
July 1996

My name is Jay and I live in NJ. I am writing this to the lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth of the world. I myself am a bisexual and came to terms with it, reluctantly. I am a freshman in high school and am 14 years old.

I haven't come out to anyone yet. I am kind of worried of what might happen if I do. Well actually I have told a few people and they are really nice about it. But I have to eventually tell people. But I guess now just isn't the time.

In high school people are always wondering who you're going out with. I do have a 'girlfriend' but she doesn't really count. So I always tell people no one. I do have a 'boyfriend' if you can call him that. If I ever told anyone I was going with a guy, that might cause a riot!

The Internet has in a way been an oasis for me. I know that I can always find someone who is a lot like me. I have to thank Joe Krinock for my finding Oasis. He is a gay 19 year old. I was at his home page and I saw the link for this e-zine. I was doing cartwheels, I was so happy. It's nice to know that there is a place for people like me somewhere out there.

I intend on writing for Oasis from now on. I'd love to hear from everyone about themselves. I look forward to hearing from anyone.

Jay is a 14-year-old freshman in High School. He likes to write, read, and sometimes run, and loves to surf the net. He can be reached at Polaris242@aol.com.

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