by Eric Wilcox
July 1996

Hello to all and I hope you all are enjoying you summer months. As long as I am not in school, I've taken lots of time to reflect on my past year of school. And as I was looking through my notebooks of poetry and sketches, I found the following poem, which I later put into a collection of short poems. Here it is:

composition number three

A strong,

distinct social order
will not be the death of me.
Tall we walked
and so we shall.
We take the test each day.


(c)1995 Eric Wilcox

I think that such a poem reflects the feelings that I had about being in the new environment of high school. Especially with the last lines -- "We take the test each day. unconsciously." This refers to the huge mass of gossip and prejudice and prejudgment that exists in almost any situation. People are constantly judging you and either accepting or not accepting you.

This was very odd for me because at the middle school level, these phenomena occured, but on a much smaller level. Once I entered high school, it seemed as though everybody had some sort of opinion about me. But the main thing is that you learn to accept these opinions and prejudices, and go on with your life. As I expressed, these problems "...will not be the death of me." It is almost too easy to let the social world get you down, but my best advice is to ignore it and be yourself.

So as you all have fun during your summer, I hope you take some time to reflect on what your ideal situation would be, and then try to make it a reality. Its easy if you try. Try.

Eric Wilcox is a freshman at Case High school in Racine, Wisconsin. He is currently trying to start gay/bi youth activitesa and groups there. He is an artist, poet, writer, and he's in the school band as 1st trombone. He is very enthusiastic about helping other youth his age who are gay/questioning. He can be reached online at Eric@oasismag.com.
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