Previous Oasis columnist lauds mag, promises return

It's Thomas Gerald Jean (TTJ17) here.

I just read the June Issue and, once again, I am very impressed. It seems like yesterday that I sent in my story and had it published in the first issue of Oasis (December 1995).

I am writing to give you guys a little update.

Since December, I have finished yet another year at Killeen High School in Killeen, Tx. Junior year is gone and now I am a Senior, Thank God! I have also moved to Dallas, Texas to work more with the gay community.

In January, I became the President of Out Youth Austin and Youth Advisor to P-FLAG Waco and P-FLAG Austin. Since moving to Dallas, I have become involved with the 3 groups for Gay Youth and I sit on the Board of one of those groups (RALLY [Respect ALL Youth]).

It was an honor to be asked to write an article for the first issue of Oasis and I will be glad to do it again. I promise I will start working on another article. My life is full of work but I will take some time to write for Oasis.

Congrats on yet another great issue of Oasis. I can't wait for the July issue.

Peace and Love,

Thomas Gerald Jean
Central Texas Gay Youth Rep.

Mail from a person who HATES Oasis

I would like to tell you I REALLY HATE Oasis! In fact, I just joined the 'I Hate Oasis' club, about 5 min. ago. I just don't you should be writing a good article like this about THEM!!! You seem to be a VERY talented writer, but why waste you talent of writing on THEM?

Here are the reasons I hate them:

1. They're wannabees of the Beatles
2. They think they are hotter then the Beatles
3. They overplay their songs WAY too much
4. They think they are better than any other band, alive!
5. His voice is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying.
6. The band members are the ugliest piece of crap ALIVE

Thank you for letting me write my reasons on wanting to kick there little asses (or should I say BIG? HAH!).

PLEASE DON'T E-MAIL ME BACK, 'cause I don't want you too, and I already am expecting a letter from the president of the 'I Hate Oasis' club.

Bye (forever),


[Ed. note: One of the many letters I received about the band Oasis from someone who apparently read the magazine and then commented. I give up. I get about four or five of these a week.]

Driven to tears by Profile

I MUST comment on this piece [Matt Marco Profile in Courage]. I just HAPPENED upon it during a search on the internet. I literally CRIED!! Fantastic story. I hope you do MANY more like it. Never before have I read anything on the 'net that made me cry.

By the way, in case you hadn't noticed....my last name is Walsh also, and yea, I'm Gay.

Thanks for the story!

James Walsh

Another gay Walsh speaks out

I enjoyed your profile of Justin Clouse. I am a gay man who loves to read, and I particularly enjoy works by gay authors. Let me know if you have any books I might purchase....hell, we may even be related!!


Denis Walsh

Writers should use restraint in discussing religion

I'll start by offering an opinion: you're doing a great job with Oasis. I'm a recently retired software developer (I wrote my first computer program as a college senior in 1963). Now that more of my time is my own I've been doing a lot of Internet surfing & lurking. Oasis continues to be one of the few web sites I will unconditionally recommend to any gay young person.

I have an observation regarding the letters and columns from your target audience of gay youth. There needs to be more restraint and subtlety when religion is discussed. For example, too often I notice bald assertions that "Christianity has made gay people suffer horribly for two thousand years." As a gay man educated by Catholic monks (in a boarding school, heh heh) I have, I think, a more accurate view of how real Christians have influenced young gay peoples' lives.


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