News - July 1996

Candy Walker back in jail amid charges of mistreatment

VENTURA, CA -- Candy Walker, who had been released on her own recognizance and $20,000 bail, is back in jail as of June 15 amid charges of mistreatment reportedly coming from her father, her mother, her lawyer and local members of the Transexual Menace. She had been convicted following a brief trial on charges of Carrying a Concealed Weapon, after a cane in her possession was found to contain a small blade.

Ms. Walker had been charged in a bizarre shooting incident in which she was shot and wounded by her own father. Her father had sought to evict Ms. Walker from the family's home after she came out as transexual, Christmas Day, 1995. 3 days later, Ms. Walker returned to her home to collect some of her belongings and her own father shot her, the second bullet wounding her in the head.

Ms. Walker survived her gunshot wounds only to find herself charged in the shooting with First Degree Burglary. Justifying her arrest in a statement apparently lifted directly from Kafka, District Attorney John Vanarelli declared, "I am concerned about the safety of the community. Candy provoked a violent and most likely justified reaction from her father, whose gun shots caused extreme risk of injury or death to people in community."

In addition, Ms. Walker's cane was discovered later to contain a small blade. Carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) was subsequently added to her charges and D.A. Vanarelli intially requested and received a bail of $250,000, a figure more commonly associated with first-degree murder. He was allegedly overheard to say by Cathy Walker (no relation) of Menace - Central California, "At least that will keep him [sic] off the streets in a dress for while."

Ms. Walker's bail was eventually reduced and she was allowed out pending her trial. However, Candy apparently showed up late for hearings and court appearances, and finally almost missing her own trial and effectively prejudicing her case. She was convicted and sentence to 6 months in the Ventura County Jail on the weapons charge. Right before she was due to begin her sentence, Ms. Walker obtained breast augmentation surgery.

Although Ms. Walker has been living as a female and has changed her name, she has been held in the Men's wing of the Jail. In addition, she has been confined to solitary as a punishment for refusing to surrender her bra, which she claims gave her necessary breast support following the implants. The bra was eventually taken from her, reportedly causing her great pain and her stitches to begin bleeding.

The Jail infirmary has refused to give Ms. Walker pain medication or female hormones (estrogen), and Ventura County Jail officials have rebuffed all requests by her lawyer, Mr. Allan Sigel, for Candy to receive proper medical treatment. Dismayed at the unnecessary abuse of his client at the hands by jail officials, Mr. Sigel has requested the local Menace chapters and friends stage a public action to focus attention on Candy's mistreatment.

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