News - July 1996

Gay billboards to be displayed during GOP convention

San Diego, CA -- Gay and Lesbian Families of America recently released photos of the first of three billboard themes appearing in selected San Diego area during the weeks surrounding the upcoming GOP convention. The first billboard an actual 4-generation family photo in a backyard barbecue-style setting. The tag: " Someone you know and love is gay." Media interest in receiving a photo of the billboard should call (619) 435-6299. The billboards can be viewed on the Gay & Lesbian Families of America webpage at http://www.electriciti.com/~family/.

Gay and Lesbian Families of America (GLFA) has rented 12 billboards and 17 bus shelter ads strategically placed throughout the Downtown, Hillcrest and Harbor areas of San Diego. The ads will be located on all the city's major arteries. They will be visible to San Diego residents and visitors.

GFLA is a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting positive image of Gays and Lesbians during the weeks coinciding with the upcoming GOP Convention. The organization, launched by Brad Diskin, Gene Burkard and Don Belcher has been endorsed by the City of San Diego Human Relations Commission and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), San Diego Chapter.

GFLA will also place several display advertisements in key San Diego publications, designed to attract both local and national media attention. The ambitious media blitz is scheduled to begin July 15 and continue through August 15. The estimated cost of the entire project is $37,000.

"Those appearing on the billboards are real people from all walks of life," said Brad Diskin, committee member of GLFA.

Diskin and his life partner, Alex Urbano, along with GLFA's advertising firm, recently flow to Arizona for the photo shoot of the first billboard. Urbano and Diskin planned the shoot during a 4 generation family gathering.

"We're fortunate that our families have been extremely supportive of our ten year relationship," said Diskin

Diskin noted that one of the most memorable moments of the photo session came from the mouth of Urbano's 81 year old grandmother. She said, "I'm so glad to be apart of a campaign that's helping to combat hatred". He said the photo session was a typical American family spending a day together in the backyard,

"After the shoot, we ate Kentucky Fried Chicken," said Diskin.

The billboard campaign will focus on three themes: family, workplace and basic human rights. The objective is to deliver a positive message to mainstream America from the gay community and to direct national attention to the broad spectrum of diversity that exists among Gay and Lesbian families.

Gay and lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)/San Diego has taken on the official sponsorship of the media campaign. All donations (payable to GLAAD/San Diego) are tax deductible.

For more information, contact family@electricti.com.

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