News - July 1996

POPCORNQ, the ultimate gay and lesbian film and video website debuts

SAN FRANCISCO -- PopcornQ, the ultimate online home for the queer moving image, debuted June 20 on the World Wide Web at http://www.popcornq.com, on America Online at Keyword: PopcornQ, and on the Microsoft Network at Go Word: PopcornQ.

PopcornQ is a lively, colorful online area for movie aficionados and professionals alike. The site includes: a full range of continually updated reviews information about thousands of films and videos hundreds of film stills and posters easy to search movie databases with full production details sources for both home video purchase and classroom/non-theatrical exhibition live chat and message boards for professionals and fans on America Online and The Microsoft Network

"We wanted to design a one-stop online home for gay and lesbian film fans and professionals alike," said Jenni Olson, PopcornQ's creator and producer. "PopcornQ revolutionizes access to lesbian and gay cinema. Whether you want to know about the latest projects coming out of Hollywood, what to rent at the video store, or anything having to do with film and the gay community, PopcornQ is your place to go," added Olson, a member of the founding PNO team.

Olson is also editor of the just-published book The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian & Gay Film and Video (Serpent's Tail, June 1996). PopcornQ's databases draw heavily from the material Olson compiled for the book, whose contributors include Lawrence Chua (Village Voice), Dennis Harvey (Variety), Elizabeth Pincus (Harper's Bazaar), Susan Gerhard (San Francisco Bay Guardian), Judith Halberstam (Girlfriends), and Karl Knapper (Socialist Review).

Olson, who is also the former co-director of the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, has been programming, researching, and writing about gay and lesbian film for ten years. PopcornQ also presents a massive library of information on the gay and lesbian moving image. This premier online authority covers the entire history of gay and lesbian cinematic representation.

The site also includes a wide array of resources to serve the needs of anyone who loves lesbian and gay cinema: networking areas for film buffs, filmmakers and film festival programmers listings of new theatrical and home video releases a huge directory of lesbian and gay film festivals (now more than 80 worldwide) directories of film and video distributors, alternative funding sources for filmmakers, and online listings for queer media professionals a variety of film and video databases on everything from AIDS to youth

On the lighter side, PopcornQ regularly polls gay and lesbian media professionals for their personal favorites, and compiles celebrity top ten lists. (Did you know that John Waters' favorite film is The Wizard of Oz?)

PopcornQ features original artwork by Bill Garland patterned after classic movie posters of the 1920s. Samantha Fuetsch of Studio Archetype provided art direction. PlanetOut staff, including Xian Willams and David Stazer, and a host of interns, programmed and produced the site.

The site is dedicated to the memory of Mark Finch (1961-1995), the lesbian and gay cinema pioneer and former co-director of the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

PopcornQ is supported by advertising and transaction fees. Charter advertisers include: Frameline Distribution, TLA Video, Out on Film, and the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

PopcornQ is presented by PlanetOut, the new gay and lesbian worldwide online community. PlanetOut is accessible now on the Microsoft Network, and will open this fall on its own World Wide Web site, and on America Online. PlanetOut is based in San Francisco, California, USA. E-mail PopcornQ at popcornq@planetout.com. PlanetOut can be reached at info@planetout.com.

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