News - July 1996

New PFLAG "Talk" Web Site

Not to be confused with PFLAG's "informative" web site at http://www.pflag.org/ this web site is PFLAG-Talk's real-life, real-time drama located at http://www.critpath.org/pflag-talk/support/dan/.

On June 7, the day after he came out to his sister, Dan began corresponding with the PFLAG-Talk Email list. He'd recently moved home with his parents. He has a good relationship with his mother, but his father is homophobic, abusive, and alcoholic. On June 10 he came out to Mom and although she asked him not to tell his father, he knew that he would need to very soon. Mom, however, changed her mind. On Sunday, June 23, Dan learned that Mom had told Dad 5 days ago. On Monday, June 24, Dan and Dad will talk. Read Dan's posts and the responses from pflag-talkers.

The PFLAG-Talk/TGS-PFLAG web site features:

  • Looking for the Easy Way Out (Dan's story)
  • a confidential PFLAG Online-Helpline
  • FAQs for the PFLAG-Talk and TGS-PFLAG Email lists
  • a complete PFLAG chapter directory
  • links to chapter home pages and to other sites.
  • info on straight spouse, religion, schools, and marriage lists
  • info on PFLAG conferences and advocacy
  • online chapter library (under constuction)
  • help for Internet newbies (coming soon)

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