News - July 1996

Web site established for gay and lesbian Mormons

Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons - Chapter at Large has launched its web site for gay, lesbian and bisexual Latter-Day Saints, their families and friends. The web site is the third web site launched by Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons International.

Gay and lesbian Latter-Day Saints, their families, and friends who were once isolated and alone can now use the WWW to find out more about Affirmation: Chapter at Large. The Chapter at Large is for Affirmation members who are not affiliated with the various groups and chapters in the United States. Contacts outside the United States are included in the Chapter at Large as well.

The site includes chapter news, a chapter/group listing with WWW links and email, chapter activities, and several WWW links of interest to gay & lesbian Mormons. The chapter activities include chat sessions on both America On Line and Internet Relay Chat. The general meeting schedules of local chapters are included here as well.

According to the director of the Affirmation: Chapter at Large, the site is an integral part of its outreach to those gay & lesbian Mormons who are not in places where there are established chapters. Most established Affirmation chapters are located in populated areas where there are a high concentrations of Mormons.

The site has been submitted to various web search engines. A wide and diverse Internet public relations plan is also being used to promote the sight as well.

The web site has already received a positive response from Affirmation members. "I just checked out the web site for the Chapter at Large--GREAT GOING!!! It's terrific that we are getting the information out to other members of Affirmation who do not live near an organized chapter. ", says a member of the Los Angeles Chapter. "[I]Was a member of [Chapter] At- Large a couple of times but never heard anything from anybody, so I am glad you've got this up and running. Good Job.", was the response from an Affirmation: Chapter at Large member in Colorado.

The Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons - Chapter At Large site can be accessed on the INTERNET at http://members.aol.com/affirmchlg/.

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