News - July 1996

New book about gay educators on shelves now

A new book, The Last Closet: The Real Lives of Lesbian and Gay Teachers, published by Heineimann, is now available.

Based on over 100 interviews with lesbian, gay and bisexual teachers, counselors, librarians and administrators around the country, The Last Closet explores the issues faced by lesbian and gay educators as they struggle for authenticity in the face of homophobia.

Publisher's Weekly called the book "a unique resource" (5/13/96), and The New York Times News Syndicate has purchased serial rights.

The Last Closet is the first book by a heterosexual educator to document the lives of gay and lesbian teachers, as they face harassment, firing or physical threats. It includes one chapter based on interviews with teachers in Colorado and Oregon (post-Amendment 2, Measure 9 and Measure 13, but pre-Supreme Court Decision), along with some inspiring coming out stories.

Its author, Rita Kissen, can be reached at KISSEN@MAINE.MAINE.EDU

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