News - July 1996

PG&E to fund gay and lesbian youth and education programs

SAN FRANCISCO---The Horizons Foundation, Pacific Gas and Electric and PG&E's Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Employees Association recently announced a unique partnership to increase support for youth and education programs for gay and lesbian young people.

The utility and LGBEA will establish the PG&E Lesbian and Gay Youth & Education Fund at Horizons. The fund will provide resources to programs like the Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center, an organization that provides social outlets for gay, lesbian and bisexual teens.

PG&E will work with Horizons to help publicize the Foundation's fundraising campaign for the fund through bus shelter advertisements, public service announcements and media relations. The Foundation will unveil the campaign theme "Helping Gay and Lesbian Youth Reach New Horizons," on bus shelters beginning June 24 to coincide with San Francisco's Gay Pride Week.

In addition, PG&E will match all donations received by Sept. 15 up to $20,000, creating a potential pool of $40,000. PG&E's contribution represents the largest corporate gift the Foundation has received in its 16-year history.

"The challenge for all of us in the Bay Area is to build a community in which we can participate free of discrimination and harassment," said Denise Wells, president of Horizons board of directors. "By establishing and promoting this fund, PG&E demonstrates a valuable leadership that can motivate us all to contribute to the community."

Tom Evans, manager of PG&E's San Francisco division, said, "PG&E is an important participant in improving the quality of life of all Bay Area citizens. We are especially committed to a safe and healthy environment for youth. LGBEA plays an important role in helping PG&E extend that commitment to the regional gay and lesbian community."

"We are pleased to partner with the Horizons Foundation," said Frank Romeo, president of LGBEA. "Horizons and PG&E recognize the need to support young people, who truly represent our society's future. In particular, gay and lesbian youth have traditionally been overlooked and this fund will help change that."

Horizons Foundation is the primary philanthropic organization for the Bay Area's lesbian and gay community. Horizons provided the starting grants to create organizations such as the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Project Open Hand, and the Community United Against Violence. Since 1981, Horizons has granted more than $600,000 to over 250 organizations and projects.

PG&E is the nation's largest investor-owned utility and LGBEA advises and works with the corporation on philanthropic and policy issues affecting the lesbian and gay community.

For more information on the PG&E Lesbian and Gay Youth & Education Fund, call 415/398-2333 or write to the Horizons Foundation, 870 Market Street, Suite 718, San Francisco, CA 94102.

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