News - July 1996

'Singled Out' stays in prime time's closet

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is outraged that MTV is pulling the same-sex episode of their popular program Singled Out from its scheduled primetime spot Friday night, June 28.

After several requests for a same-sex episode, MTV finally conceded to air such an episode to coincide with gay pride events. The episode was originally set to air at 7pm, but now will only be shown at a later time-slot, 11pm.

MTV feels the show is not appropriate for a primetime audience. "There was some content we felt should air at a later time," said MTV spokesperson Tina Exarhos.

"What MTV is saying is that lesbian and gay programming is not fit for their primetime audience, and that is outrageous. We will not be singled out by MTV and Viacom (MTV's parent company) for discrimination," said Alan Klein, GLAAD's News Media Director. The show's sponsor, Naya water, also expressed concern over MTV's decision. "It looks like censorship, and you don't expect that from MTV," Steve Wasik, Naya's Vice President and General Manager commented.

While MTV has received a special GLAAD Media Award and an award for its documentary series The Real World, the awards do not serve as a license for homophobia, no matter how subtle. Please watch Singled Out tonight and on Monday, call, e-mail or write letters to MTV and let them know that you appreciate the same-sex episode, but you're disappointed that the episode was aired so late.

If you'd like to express your opinion on this, please contact Judy McGrath, President of MTV Networks, at feedback@mtv.com.

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