By Chris

Travel in and out of those doorways
In-between these mindsets
And having to keep those lies
Straight in your mind
With your head clouding,
New names and faces everyday
These walls built between
Different people, groups
Of friends divided between
Your two sides.

And time found in those
Leaving for cities of unknown destination
Masses gather in this obscure clublife
From origin unknown listening to
Beckoning cries of delight and horror,
Blonde in complexion and reflection
In those eyes to-nite's prize.

Sick stereo-types draining
Your desires away from all,
Like personalities with opposite needs
Drawing in towards each other,
And you laugh saving everything
Wished to be shown for another time
And to the right audience.

Saturday June 15, 1996

Chris is a 19-year-old student who enjoys writing short stories, poetry, and cycling.
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