Wind and Sky

By Jenny Gable

I see you in my dreams -
Every night you visit, tempt me,
Ask me to be yours.
But when the sun comes in the morning,
The rain inside me pours.

Indian maidens to healers grown,
The tasks we do we've done alone,
Until one day we both realize,
We see each other in each other's eyes.

I touch your hand, so soft, so new,
I feel your love, our love, so true,
I learn your song, we sing it through.
I know this day that I love you.

I see you dance in the morning sun,
I see you twirl when the day is done,
I grasp your hand and we reach so high.
You are my Wind, I am your Sky.

We sing, we dance, we play and run,
We shed our worries and face the sun,
We laugh like children, I brush your hair.
Where are you, my lover fair?

Time passes by, our love grows on,
Our souls less often two than one,
Our minds match souls, thoughts overlap,
Tell me, Love, where are you at?

I need you so; when do we meet?
How long will passion have this heat?
Some past life we must have spent
Our lives together; heaven sent?

I want to find you, so badly now,
Though in this world I don't know how.
You're looking too, I know you are;
But 'till fate decides... apart we are.

April 19, 1996

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