Endymion Rests

By K. Morris Kurzman

Lewd echoes coo through the dim membrane of thought
That bubbles him in untouchable silence.
Perfect lips match perfect eyes-- arms lie perfectly
Blind by his side, safe from the craven taste of
Years gone by.

My cruel father chained this man, and
Makes him stay always new--
But do not blame my father-- my hallowed name
More than His owes this broken body.
My own request left him frozen by my
Father's hand.

I thought it best to keep him young;
Untouched by time, resting forever.
But I have learned the worth of age (though
Learning cost me far more than I
Sought to pay):

Ephemeral youth, like damask and fragile glass, is
Worth endlessly more than this timeless, untouchably perfect

K. Morris Kurzman can be reached at dkurzman@mcs.net. He particularly appreciates odes praising his name and lengthy dissertations on his wonderfulness, but does not take kindly to death threats or subtle inquiries into his ever-fraying state of mind, unless said threats and inquiries are accompanied by pictures of very attractive scantily clad men.
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