By August Strome

Brook is a guy;
No he's ten guys in one.
he comes to visit me;
Visits me almost every night.

We like to talk a lot.
About this and that;
Whatever we can think of;
comes out of our mouths.

Sometimes after a long talk,
I feel pulled in by his words,
his voice, his body, his eyes.
his mouth is like water calling to a parched throat.

We embrace each other, feeling;
Feeling each other's warmth.
I shiver as his hands
touch me and caress my warm skin.

Our mouths are one being
And our bodies are one
Man as we love each other.
Nothing is better than this.

When brook doesn't visit me,
I'm not angry, just sad;
I miss his voice, his body, his hands,
his eyes, his mouth.
But when he does come to me,
I never regret it.
That's why I love the night.
Inviting my dreams to take hold of me.
Hoping brook will come visit me.
Nothing is better than that.

August Strome, 16, lives in Prague in the Czech Republic. He can be reached at slovak@pentacom.pentacom.sk.
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