Queer students needed to be interviewed for book project

Message from Dann Hazel, the book's author:

"In completing "Teaching from the Shadows," a book about homophobia and heterosexism in the nation's school systems, I'm now beginning the chapter dealing with experiences of gay, lesbian and bisexual students. I'm interested in talking with (at my expense) current high school students, as well as college students who can "reach back" to their high school and middle school years to recall their experiences, both good and/or bad.

"Also, I would also like to get feedback from parents of sexual minority youth-parents who are willing to explore their own coming out in their acceptance of their child's homosexuality, and who are willing to give me their opinions about how schools can more effectively address the needs/concerns of gay, lesbian and bisexual youth.

"If you're interested in participating in this project -- a book geared for a mainstream reading audience-please email me as soon as possible with your telephone number. Upon receipt of your message, I will call to set up a convenient time for an interview.

"If you are hesitant about participating, and need more information about the book, please let me know, and I'll send additional information.

"Hope to hear from you soon!"

-- Dann Hazel, DannH54@aol.com

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