People needed for study about relationships

Are you: A Gay/Bisexual Man? Under 25 years old? Interested in talking about same-sex relationships?

Then I need your help. I am a graduate student at Cornell University, studying gay relationships among men under 25 years of age.

There are two parts of the study. The first is a brief questionnaire that should take between 20-30 minutes. This questionnaire is completely confidential, and anonymous if you prefer. The questionnaire asks about your relationships (if you have had any) and general questions about being gay or bisexual. If you are only interested in completing a questionnaire, you do not need to do the second part of the study.

The second part of my research is an hour-long interview about relationships. You do not need to be in a relationship, and even if you have never been in a relationship you can still participate. The interview can take place over the phone and is completely confidential.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at emd8@cornell.edu, or call me at 607-533-9194, and include your mailing address or your e-mail address if you prefer. I will then send you a copy of the questionnaire. I will provide you with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to return the questionnaire.

Also, if you know anyone else that you think may want to participate, I can send additional copies of the questionnaire, or you can forward this message to them.

If you have any questions about the study or what to expect, you can e-mail me or call me.

Thank you very much for your help.

Eric Dubé


Please complete each of the following questions. Attempt to answer all of the questions; if you are not sure of the answer, please make your best estimate. If you do not feel comfortable answering any particular question, you may leave it blank.

Age:  _______
Race/Ethnicity:  ______________________
Highest year completed in school:  ____________
Describe where you grew up (circle one):    urban       suburban       small town       rural
Describe where you live now (circle one):   urban       suburban       small town       rural
Please rate how you currently identify yourself:  _______
     0.  Exclusively Heterosexual
     1.  Predominately Heterosexual, only slightly Homosexual
     2.  Predominately Heterosexual, but significantly Homosexual
     3.  Equally Homosexual and Heterosexual
     4.  Predominately Homosexual, but significantly Heterosexual
     5.  Predominately Homosexual, only slightly Heterosexual
     6.  Exclusively Homosexual

Please indicate your age when you first told each of the following people
about your same-sex attractions.  
If you have not told such a person, mark "no," and if no such person exists
for you, mark "n/a."
_____ Mother                     _____ Father
_____ A Gay Friend               _____ A Lesbian friend
_____ A Straight Male Friend     _____ A Straight Female Friend
_____ A Sibling (please circle if brother or sister)
_____ Second Sibling (please circle if brother or sister)
_____ A Coworker                 _____  A Teacher
_____ Therapist/Counselor        _____  An Aunt
_____ An Uncle                   _____  A Male Cousin
_____ A Female Cousin            _____  Grandmother
_____ Grandfather                _____  A Priest, Rabbi,  or Minister
Are you currently in a long-term relationship that you consider romantic? ________
Is this with a man or a woman?  _______
How long have you been in this relationship?  ________
Do you live with this person?  _______
Age of first sexual experience with a man:  _______
Number of male sexual partners in your lifetime:  ___________
How many previous romantic relationships with men have you had?  _______
What is the longest that you have been in a relationship with a man?  _______
At what age did you first have a romantic relationship with a man?  _______
At what age were you first aware that you were attracted to other men?  _______
At what age did you first label yourself as gay or bisexual?  _______
Age at first sexual experience with a woman:  _______
Number of female sexual partners in your lifetime:  ___________
How many previous romantic relationships with women have you had?  _______
What is the longest that you have ever been in a relationship with a woman? _______
At what age did you first have a romantic relationship with a woman?  _______

Please indicate how often you have participated in the following experiences:
Never                                           Very Frequently
1                 2              3             4              5
_____  1.     Joined a gay organization.
_____  2.     Marched in a gay pride parade.
_____  3.     Gave money to a gay cause.
_____  4.     Read books or articles positive to gay issues.
_____  5.     Received the support of one or both parents for being gay.
_____  6.     Received the support of friends for being gay.
_____  7.     Felt like being a gay male separatist.
_____  8.     Attended a gay bookstore, video store, or adult bookstore.
_____  9.     Disagreed openly when a homophobic joke was made.
_____  10.    Rejected the notion that you must act masculine.
_____  11.    Rejected the notion that you had to be homosexual or heterosexual.
_____  12.    Made a new mental category for the way you think of your sexuality.
_____  13.    Accepted your ethnic identity, while also accepting being gay.
_____  14.    Attended a religious service or organization after coming out as a gay/bisexual man.
_____  15.    Discussed being gay in a large group or classroom setting.
_____  16.    Attended counseling for issues about being gay/bisexual.
_____  17.    Attended gay cultural events, such as a gay film, poetry reading, or concert.
_____  18.    Attended a gay bar or coffeehouse.
_____  19.    Read a gay magazine or newspaper publicly.
_____  20.    Physically expressed your love to someone in public (i.e., held hands, kissed, hugged).

Attitude Inventory
Please read each of the following statements carefully and then indicate the
extent to which you agree with the statement, given the following scale:

Completely Agree                            Completely Disagree
1                 2              3             4              5

_____  1.     I am not uncomfortable when I am in a conversation with a gay man and he touches me.
_____  2.     I would not mind if my boss found out I am gay/bisexual.
_____  3.     Whenever I think a lot about being gay/bisexual, I feel depressed.
_____  4.     Homosexuality is not as desirable as heterosexuality.
_____  5.     When I am with my friends who know I am gay/bisexual, I do not worry that they may think of me  as a stereotypical gay/bisexual man.
_____  6.     I am glad to be gay/bisexual.
_____  7.     Gay men do not dislike women any more than heterosexual men dislike women.
_____  8.     When I am sexually attracted to a close male friend, I feel uncomfortable.
_____  9.     I am proud to be a part of the gay community.
_____  10.    Male homosexuality is a natural expression of sexuality.
_____  11.    Marriage between two gay men should be legalized.
_____  12.    My homosexuality makes me happy.
_____  13.    Gay men are overly promiscuous.
_____  14.    When I am sexually attracted to another gay man, I do not mind if someone else knows how I feel.
_____  15.    Most problems that gay men have come from their status as an oppressed minority, not from their homosexuality per se.
_____  16.    When women know that I am gay/bisexual, I am afraid they will not relate to me as a man.
_____  17.    Gay lifestyles are not as fulfilling as heterosexual lifestyles.
_____  18.    I would not mind if my neighbors knew that I am gay/bisexual.
_____  19.    It is important for me to conceal the fact that I am gay/bisexual from most people.
_____  20.    Whenever I think a lot about being gay/bisexual, I feel critical of myself.
_____  21.    Choosing an adult gay lifestyle should be an option for children.
_____  22.    If my straight friends know of my homosexuality, I would be uncomfortable.
_____  23.    If men know I am gay/bisexual, I am afraid they would begin to avoid me.
_____  24.    Homosexuality is a sexual perversion.
_____  25.    If it were made public that I am gay/bisexual, I would be extremely unhappy.
_____  26.    If my peers know I am gay/bisexual, I am afraid that many would not want to be my friends.
_____  27.    Adult gay men who have sex with other males under 18 years old should be punished by law.
_____  28.    I am not afraid that those who know I am gay/bisexual view me as overly effeminate.
_____  29.    If given the option, I would choose to be heterosexual.
_____  30.    When I think about coming out to peers, I am afraid they will pay more attention to my body movements and voice inflections.
_____  31.    I do not think I will be able to have a long-term love relationship with another man.
_____  32.    I am confident that my homosexuality does not make me inferior.
_____  33.    I am afraid that people will harass me if I come out more publicly.
_____  34.    When I think about coming out to a heterosexual male friend, I do not worry that he might watch me to see if I do things that are stereotypical gay.
_____  35.    If I were heterosexual, I would probably be happier.
_____  36.    Most gay people end up lonely and isolated.

Interpersonal Inventory
As you respond to the following statements, think about a close, same-sex
relationship that you are currently involved in or an important close, 
same-sex relationship you had in your past.  Please rate each statement on 
the following scale:

Completely Agree                            Completely Disagree
1                 2              3             4              5

_____  1.     I would like my partner to be with me when I am lonely.
_____  2.     My partner is honest mainly because of fear of being caught.
_____  3.     I am afraid my partner will hurt my feelings.
_____  4.     I am better off if I do not trust my partner too much.
_____  5.     I sometimes wonder what hidden reason my partner has for doing nice things for me.
_____  6.     Even though my partner tells me many stories, it is hard to get an objective account of things.
_____  7.     I feel relaxed when we are together.
_____  8.     There is no simple way to decide if my partner is telling the truth.
_____  9.     In our relationship, I am occasionally distrustful and expect to be exploited.
_____  10.    When serious disagreements arise between us, I respect my partner's position.
_____  11.    I do not believe my partner would cheat on me even if he could get away with it.
_____  12.    We are very close to each other.
_____  13.    My partner can be relied on to keep his promises.
_____  14.    I do not show deep emotions to my partner.
_____  15.    My partner pretends to care more about me than he really does.
_____  16.    There are times when my partner cannot be trusted.
_____  17.    In our relationship, I have to be alert or my partner is likely to take advantage of me.
_____  18.    My partner is likely to say what he really believes rather than what he thinks I want to hear. 
_____  19.    I seek my partner's attention when I am facing troubles.
_____  20.    I wonder how much my partner really cares about me.
_____  21.    I face life with my partner with confidence.
_____  22.    I get a lot of sympathy and understanding from my partner.
_____  23.    I would like my partner to be with me when I receive bad news.
_____  24.    I can express deep, strong feelings to my partner.
_____  25.    It is safe to believe that my partner is interested in my welfare.
_____  26.    I feel comfortable expressing almost anything to my partner.
_____  27.    My partner really cares what happens to me.
_____  28.    In our relationship, I feel I am able to expose my weaknesses.
_____  29.    I share and discuss my problems with my partner.
_____  30.    My partner would tell a lie if he could gain by it.
_____  31.    I tell my partner some things of which I am very ashamed.
_____  32.    I believe most things my partner says.
_____  33.    In our relationship, I am cautious and play it safe.
_____  34.    I discuss with my partner the things I worry about when I am with other people.
_____  35.    I listen carefully to my partner and help him solve problems.
_____  36.    My way of doing things is apt to be misunderstood by my partner.
_____  37.    It is hard for me to act natural when I am with my partner.
_____  38.    My partner can be counted on to do what he says he will do.
_____  39.    My partner is truly sincere in his promises.
_____  40.    My partner is sincere, and practices what he preaches.
_____  41.    I touch my partner when I feel warmly toward him.
_____  42.    I feel my partner misinterprets what I say.
_____  43.    It is hard for me to tell my partner about myself.
_____  44.    My partner does not really understand me.
_____  45.    I talk with my partner about why certain people dislike me.
_____  46.    I can accept my partner even when we disagree.
_____  47.    I feel comfortable when I am alone with my partner.
_____  48.    My partner treats me fairly and justly.
_____  49.    I am afraid of making mistakes with my partner.
_____  50.    The advice my partner gives cannot be regarded as being trustworthy.
_____  51.    I sometimes stay away from my partner because I fear doing or saying something I might regret afterwards.
_____  52.    I understand my partner and sympathize with his feelings.

Describe your fantasy of an ideal relationship for you. 


Eric Dubé
Cornell University
Human Development and Family Studies
MVR Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

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