Gay youth groups needed for study

This announcement concerns a research project that has been in operation since January 1995. We are still hoping to involve more youth groups, and are asking that any groups willing to help get in touch with us. We are hoping to be done with the project by the end of the summer, so please get in touch soon. THANKS for all of the support of the many people who have helped so far!!

A national research project on issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered youth is being conducted by Dr. Tony D'Augelli, a psychologist at Penn State University who has published extensively on these issues. Dr. D'Augelli is seeking to obtain a large number of lgbt youth from different parts of the country who are at least 18 years old to complete a survey about their experiences. They survey should take about one hour and has questions about personal background, family relationships, and experiences with different kinds of victimization.

We are seeking organized groups of lgbt youth interested in participating in the research. Only groups with an advisor, facilitator, counselor, or coordinator of some kind can help. The adult contact person will be sent a packet of surveys and will be asked to send them back to Penn State after they are completed. The requirement of having someone supervise the surveys is intended to protect the privacy of people taking the survey and to assure that they are fully informed about the project.

Research on lgbt youth is extremely important so that we can develop programs that provide support in the most helpful ways. Your participation in the project will be of tremendous help in bringing the needs of lgbt youth to the attention of legislators, school administrators, and policy-makers.

If you are able to help, email Dr. Tony D'Augelli at ard@psuvm.psu.edu, sending the name and contact information about the person will be supervise the distribution of the surveys. Or, you can mail Dr. D'Augelli at Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802. Phone: 814-863-0241. Fax: 814-863-7963.

This project has been approved by Penn State's office on research on human subjects. You may contact this office at 814-863-8699.

Thank you for your help. Tony D'Augelli

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