by Jay
August 1996

Hello again reader of Oasis. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I haven't been doing much this one. I'm still recovering from my school year.

My school year was a complete joke. My Biology class was retarded, my World Cultures class a farce. Spanish II was impossible , and my English class was filled with people who gave their brains to science, and never got it back. The only good thing that happened to me was my meeting Doug (not his real name). But that didn't last for long. No good thing really does, at least for me. And that's a whole other story.

And here is an interesting link for everyone. It is the Ultimate Gay Youth Page. It is really cool. It is filled with resources, reading material, sex ed, AIDS information and tons of other stuff. The address is http://www.fornext.com/gayyouth/newlife.htm.

Speaking of AIDS, this past week, I had a pretty big scare. One of my friends was going to be tested for the HIV virus, and I am sure that you all know what it is. He is being tested because he went to have a blood test done and it is mandatory that the test be given. He wasn't supposed to know that but he found out. It was scary because he is just my age and the prospect that he might die by the time he is 20 is really terrifying. It isn't right for someone to get AIDS, but they still do.

On the subject, the World AIDS Conference in Vancouver is to conclude this week, July 12. There have been multiple demonstrations demanding for a cure and more funding for AIDS research. A report released by the Health Department says one out of 300 Americans are infected with the AIDS virus, most of those under the age of 25. It would really crush me if the test came back positive, but I have to wait and see. I don't even know how he got infected, but he said he was "experimenting" with life. He told me he would never touch drugs, so that singles out what he must have been doing, doesn't it.

I can't say I am pure in that sense either. I have done certain activities with people without thinking about the consequences. I have made myself a promise not to do anything like that again without the proper protection. I can only hope that it will work, and that I can remember that also.

This is kind of a theme column this time. I just hope that all of you can make the right choices when it comes to sex. This is a web page geared toward teens. It is a no nonsense pro-sex, pro choice sex ed page. The address is http://www.positive.org/cps/.

Thank you all again for reading this column. If you want to talk to me, just look for the link at the end of the column. See ya.

(Note: My friend's test results came back negative, much to my relief.)

Jay is a 14-year-old freshman in High School. He likes to write, read, and sometimes run, and loves to surf the net. He can be reached at Polaris242@aol.com.

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