August 1996

The Oasis world has been pretty crazy lately. And in the next few months, I'm sure you'll notice some changes.

First of all, Oasis has now become its own free-standing entity, and has severed ties with Youth Action Online. This was done mainly for organizational differences, but also because I wanted to give credit where credit is due. Oasis was born as a project at YAO, but that was the end of YAO's involvement. I want the writers and contributors to Oasis to be praised for their work with Oasis, but most people always thank YAO for its magazine, Oasis. The writers here are volunteering their precious spare time to Oasis, not YAO, and I thought that should be made clearer. Making Oasis more of it's own separate entity should help establish that.

To that effect, many changes are going to be taking place with Oasis through the rest of the year. For September's issue, we will hopefully be on a T3 connection on our own domain name. September's site will still be mirrored at this location, as well, for the month of September.

For October, Jase is already hard at work for a major graphic redesign which will re-organize the way Oasis looks and feels to our readers. As far as content, though, we will only be adding to, not deleting from, what we already offer.

Those are some of the things you can look forward in the future. There are more surprises, but there's no point telling you everything. Have to save some things as surprises. Right?

My life has slowly been calming down since moving to San Francisco. This issue was less hectic to assemble, but still more hectic than it needs to be. But I start a new full-time job soon, and I should have more of a schedule.

One thing I still get a lot of mail about (and no, it's not about the band Oasis), but rather people who write mail and say they wish they lived where they could get Oasis all the time.

It seems to be a major misconception that we are printed somewhere, and then some of our content goes on this web site. This is totally untrue. Oasis only exists on the web. There is no print version. Every volunteer and staff member volunteers their time to create what you are reading now, a group of articles each and every month, available online only.

So, if you're reading this now. You are the sole reason we are doing this. To make you feel less alone, make you think, laugh, cry and learn.



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