News - August 1996

Tinseltown's queer web site debuts in cyberspace...

Nicholas Snow, The Tinseltown Queer, announces "Tinseltown's Queer Web Site", located at http://www.gaywired.com/ttownqueer/.

The goal of the TQ Web Site is to support Snow's multi-media editorial purpose: "To examine and strengthen the relationship between the entertainment industry and the Queer Civil Rights Movement, thereby positively impacting the movement itself; and to provide a media platform for issues pertinent to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community."

Included in the site is a calendar of events (submit your items to Ttownqueer@aol.com) involving entertainment and activism; Nicholas Snow's Open Letter to Hollywood and the World, entitled "Tinseltown is Burning"; Program information regarding "Tinseltown's Queer", the TV show; and information about the SECRET HOLLYWOOD PROJECT, to be unveiled prior to National Coming Out Day.

Cybervisitors can also find out how to get into the world famous Comedy Store for free. The TQ Web Site, designed by Matt Skalerud of Southern California Gaywired (Unity@gaywired.com), also features photography by reknowned photographer Wayne Fredericks Castro.

"The TQ Web Site is a work in progress", explains Snow, "but it will hopefully serve to be a powerful tool in the dismantling of Hollywood's Closets."

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