By Annie

A blanket
A security net.
Bringing warmth,
Cozy comfort,
Snugly pleasure.
When ripped away
You shiver
And freeze.
You wait,
Hoping, Praying,
For another bundle of warmth.

I Just Don't Understand Why

By Annie

I sit by her.
We talk everyday
And every night.
We share secrets,
I love her so much.
But I can't,
It's wrong.
She's my best friend.

A Lesbian??

By Annie

I find myself staring at her.
The luscious blonde hair,
Broad shoulders,
And the smile
That smile...
It could light up a dungeon.
I dream of a kiss.
How would it feel?
Like kissing a pillow?
A teddy bear?
A cloud?
A wedding.
A honeymoon,
Spending my whole life with her.
But all my dreams are shattered,
When I see here
Staring at

Love Has Arrived

By Annie

The merriness fills the room
The snow falls steadily.
Here she comes.
The hair bouncing off her shoulders.
The mistletoe stands over me.
I hug her tightly.
She hugs me back.
Our eyes meet.
Our lips touch.
I feel secure,
Love is here.

You're the One

By Annie

The love I feel for you
Stretches across the world
Spanning oceans, countries, lands.
It's you I want,
And no one else.
You're the one in my heart.
When our eyes meet
I feel a tingling sensation
From head to toe.
Our lips touching,
Our bodies joined.
I'm in love.
But I can feel it in you,
You're tense.
You'd rather be kissing a man.
I leave,
Wondering if anyone will ever love me.
I feel so dirty,
I just don't understand why.
Is it my personality?
My body?
Please tell me.
I'll fix it for you.
For you're the one I love.

I Can't Help It

By Annie

They aren't staring at me.
They can't be.
I'm just paranoid.
They're my friends,
My teachers,
My heroes.
I walk down the hall.
I hear the words.
Those awful words.
I start to cry.
So maybe I am.
So what?
What's it hurt?
I can't believe she told,
My best friend.
How could she?
They all know now.
What have I done?
What will I do?
I run out the doors,
I sprint to my house.
I'm free now.
Away from all evil.
Away from all hate.

Annie, 14, lives in a small town in Minnesota. She enjoys writing, reading, playing sports and listening to music.
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