By Stephen Blackstone

They seem all to hate,
they all know what's best
What they do is for them
And care not for the rest

Show them respect
and they'll show you a laugh
I'd be who I am
But I'm too afraid of death

Try to reason, try to be civil
futile sounds, that sound so familiar
For you'll say it once you'll say it again
And all you will get
is a laugh and a grin

Who can you turn to?
I seem all alone,
When the others like you
seem so far from home.
They hide in their houses,
Behind their thick shields.
while they hope and pray.
Not much unlike you.

But not even God
seems very much help.
When you turn to the church,
They'll condemn you to hell
You're told to repent -
if you're sorry your saved.
But I'm not too sorry
God made me this way.

I walk through this life,
so often alone,
Not a person to love
or hold or to be alone with.
Lonely is bad
When you are most afraid
It's hard when you're lonely
Every second of the day

When you're afraid of the day
What's bound to occur
Afraid of yourself
Afraid of who you are.
You learn not to cry
Not to feel love in your heart
It would make you insane
Drive your mind apart.

Love isn't always
about a guy and a girl,
Love isn't simple -
it isn't that pure

Someday - Maybe
I won't be so afraid
Someone will be there
Someone who'll care
And finally
Just maybe
I won't be so lonely

Stephen Blackstone is 16 years old and attends Guilford High School in Guilford, CT. He can be reached at sblack@sacmus02.divinity.yale.edu, or visit his home page.
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