Letter to a Friend

By Brian Dick

Hello, my friend
I was thinking about you again today,
And I could hardly stop the tears from flowing.
Do you still think of me from that place so far away?
Of the times we shared -- some good, yet so many bad.
I would understand if you chose to forget
But I cannot forget you.

I still remember the softness of your touch,
The innocent brush of your compassion and hope --
The comfort (and turmoil) of having your body next to mine.
You were there when I needed you the most,
Yet we didn't understand what lay before us.
Would you have continued if you knew where our journey would lead?
Would I?

I didn't know who I was then...
If I couldn't accept myself, how could you possibly accept me?
Would you stand by me if my secret came to light?
That I am not cured, that there is nothing *to* cure.
I am who I am -- I just wish I knew this then.
Perhaps I could have stopped the disaster before it began...

My friend...
I wish your beliefs included an acceptance of this person before you
That this love I have for you is not governed by the lust of the flesh,
Is not a sin as many dictate to us that it is.
But rather it is the same love your parents share with each other
...and mine.
I wish that you could explore yourself, try and understand me.
I have explored -- I've tempered those feelings within and approach you as a friend
(But I cannot yet lose these feelings I have for you -- not yet, maybe not ever)
As you may have wanted in the beginning...and I as well.
May I still call you: Friend?
And have you again think of me in kind...

Brian Dick, 21, is an engineering student from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C., currently on co-op in Calgary, Alta. His interests include hiking, tennis, and just about any other outdoor activity you could name. He also enjoys reading (SciFi/Fantasy, mostly), writing, and music (mainly orchastrative stuff, but in general just about anything outside of Country and Hard Rock). He loves to receive e-mail at bdick@sfu.ca and brian.dick@gpo.canada.cdev.com.
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