By James H. English

I am hungry for apple pie,
For its sweet, tart taste and the bite
of cinnamon and nutmeg,
And a buttery crust.

I am thirsty for strawberry wine
In a green field beneath a sprawling tree,
On a cool and fragrant day with nothing better to do
Than watch the ants march by.

I am longing for the warmth of a body
Pressed against me in the cool night,
While the hum of the air-conditioner lulls me to sleep,
And the frogs sing loudly for mates
In the ponds outside

About the author: On those rare occasion when he and sanity walk hand in hand down the street, he can be found watching television and talking to his doggies in a rather idiotic voice, all in the comfort of his Florida home. Oh, and he can be contacted at jheng@fn3.freenet.tlh.fl.us. I think.
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