The Chase

By Jay

Dans le fond des forÍts votre image me suit. --Racine

I run through the forests, fast as light, quiet as a whisper.
But something is still there, chasing me, laughing at me.
I scream in protest, yell in anger, it is deaf to my pleas.

I run through the forests, terror in my heart.
It is gaining on me, I may not escape.
It will always be right behind me.

Running through the forests of my world, it chases remorselessly.
I keep running in fear, it is still behind me.
I must run to live, to escape from it.

The forest is endless, tree after tree.
I can not hide from it, it will always find me.
It says it is a part of me, and will always chase me in the forests.

I keep running in fear, in anger.
I yell for it to go away, but it chases me still.
I can not take it much longer.

I slow down.
I refuse to keep running from it.
I turn to face it, ready to kill or be killed.

Much to my surprise, I see myself staring at myself.

Jay is a sophomore in High School. He is involved with the Viewpoint, the school's literary magazine, in which this piece is to be featured. He likes to write, read, and surf the net. He can be reached at Polaris242@aol.com.

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