Burden that Never Dies

By Paul Morris

Your eyes, their glance; hands that embrace, caress:
I dare not stare into the inner depths,
For fear I'll fall for your attractiveness;
I must, in fear, avoid your beauty's strengths.
Your mouth, your voice, lips that smile forever:
How can one dull the words that you present,
Words which pull my thoughts into disorder?
These words ignite passions I do resent.
So much in you I do truly admire.
So why can I not love thee as I wish?
I can't, for you know not what I desire,
You come, you go; I often feel anguish.
But this is love; it will burn endlessly.
For you it will endure eternally.

Paul Morris is a sophomore at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. His current aims are a double major in Computer Science and English. Hobbies include writing, reading, outdoor activities and sports, and developing deep, meaningful friendships. He has a home page and can be reached at pmorris@ilinks.net.
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