our summer (ends too soon...)

By Michael S

do you remember?
our first summer together
the trip seemed forever

what glorious days
"incredible" you'd say
little fights are OK
WOW! I was so gay!

do you recall?
when we strolled
near the waterfall

we stopped at a cove
we pledged our love
we engraved our names
it wasn't a silly games

now all of it has ended
it'll always be celebrated

no regret
never forget
i love you, matt

missing u

By Michael S

the longing to be near
the yearning,
the wanting that shows
the undeniable desire

the urge to be reunited
the surge,
the bulge that reveals
the inevitable need

the nakedness of singleness
the emptiness,
the loneliness that erases
the ultimate goal

the importance of presence
the absence,
the grievance that erodes
the indestructible soul

the teardrops...
(i miss you, matt)

Michael S is an international student from Indonesia at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is a Junior in computer science. He is out to his parents, sisters, and a couple of his friends. Both of these poems are dedicated to his boyfriend.
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