Forever Alone

By Jason Weldon

Forever alone, the child trods on.
His friends: the sky, the countless night stars.
Scorned and scared, he hides his face.
Battered and bruised, from harsh words and stones.
Turned away for being himself.
His hopes: discarded.
His cries: unheeded.
His tears: ignored.
His pleas: unheard.

At the edge of the chasm,
he stops. He thinks.
The desert wind rises
from the bottomless gulf.
It whispers to him.
Of joy.
Of peace.
Of rest.
Of acceptance.

Follow us, it beckons.
The words: wispy, clear,
cold, promising.

Scared and unsure,
the child takes one more step.

Suddenly he is flying!
Flying! Flying between the stars.
The desert wind rushes
by his ears,

The desert wind laughs
with the same cruel voice
as those the child
has jumped to escape.
No escape.

Falling! Falling from the sky.
The cliffsides echo his wild screams.
Only the silent stars hear him.
And then the rocky stone bottom
rises up to claim him
and all the voices are suddenly silenced.

No more fear.
No more courage.
No more scorn.
No more acceptance.
No more hate.
No more love.

And forever alone, the child sleeps.
In peace.

Jason Weldon, 18, lives in Jonesboro, GA, 20 miles south of Olympic City. He graduated this past Spring from Mount Zion High and hopes to enroll in Clayton State by the winter semester. He likes to read stories and poetry, and enjoys RPG's -- especially Vampire, Shadowrun and AD&D. He is in the SCA (the Society for Creative Anachronism) which is a non-profit medieval re-enactment society. He also loves to watch a good tear-jerking movie and get into deep, intellectual conversations with people who have no idea what they're talking about. He can be reached at jessykat2@ewol.com.
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