Hurt Like Hell

By Terrence Wood

Love me Tender
Love me deep
First date Motions
We have this feeling
we know is right
Tell yourself a lie long enough
it tends to be true
We shared something tender
coffee and cigarettes
Call me
Number on the Dresser
And the day goes on

Pathos Rhetoric Dogmatic Mantra

By Terrence Wood

Live fast
Love hard
Talk deep
Words from a coffee shop window
where everybody moves to slow
But even so they all remember me.
Attention bank diva sucking
Chopped tobacco from pre rolled filter paper
Living life as best I can
wired forever
The risk will never end
Bad days only make the good ones
that much more noticeable
Down to the filter
Cup is dry
The music ends...
Your place or mine?
No standards and a warm body
who needs tomorrow?
I have today.
Deliverance Unbound.

Identify your Host

By Terrence Wood

Somewhere deep inside me
Something new did wake
Lived upon a notion
made my body quake
fear was live within me
through my inner fear
subtle changing irony
everything was clear

The lie that kept me warm at night
now visits me by day
Trapped in rooms of Hateful eyes
I know not what to say
Never had what I did flee
Maybe I was wrong to be
Now my lie does challenge me
My hell is sexuality

New Redemption!?

By Terrence Wood

Labels Are for food
I tend to agree
But Queers a meat market
As we can all see
Labels required by one and all
On Non label fairies Pity must fall
The Challenged "Bi" Objects" The Chic No-Name queen
Check market value and nothing is seen
Pulp Garbage, fad hustling, fence sitting, bunch of scared wannabee, shame face nobodies
Labels are for food
But the market has had us pegged from the start.

Terrence Wood, 21, is a first year Dramatic Arts student at Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached at ajax@cyberus.ca.
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