Coming Out

by Annie

I still remember it as if it were yesterday. Sitting there in math class wondering if this would be the day. The day I'd stop lying, the day I'd confirm her worst fears, the day I'd swing open the closet doors and jump right out.

With fifteen minutes left in class, I decided to jump out of the dungeon-like closet. Quickly, I scribbled down that I was a lesbian and that I was sorry and explained some more things. Then I passed it to her with tears rolling down my eyes and my heart beating a mile a minute.

I couldn't bear to watch her read it so I turned around and cried silently, wondering what I had just done. We didn't have the same class the next hour so I was able to escape for forty-five minutes. The next day I learned that the whole class thought I was on drugs because I was so spaced out the rest of the afternoon.

The rest of the day we had classes together which wasn't easy. We didn't talk to each other and avoided all eye contact. After school that day we had play auditions and even though we talked a little it was the worst hour of my life. We were both very tense and red-eyed. Someone said that we looked as if we'd been to hell and back. What they didn't realize was that in a way we had been.

She didn't talk to me for over two weeks and it was in those two weeks that I realized how important friendships are and how much you need them when you can't reach them. But I also realized how good it felt to have at least one person know the true you. Now almost everything is back to normal, we're good friends again and she's recovered from her homophobia. There was one very bad thing though, the whole school knows I'm a lesbian. But hey, all in all it was worth it!

Annie, 14, lives in a small town in Minnesota. She enjoys writing, reading, playing sports and listening to music.
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