One Night

by John Dimas

It was a dark and peaceful night. Looking at its reflection in the big blue sea, the little star suddenly realized that it was another star's reflection it was gazing at, yet so much alike its own. It shivered and for just a brief moment sent out a brighter light than usual. But it was enough to reach that other little star.

Each star, no Vega or Sirius or of any other grand name for that matter, had been shining in the dark for so long with a pale and timid light, thinking that it was alone in the world to shyly glow this way. Up until now. They swerved a bit from their usual orbits and came closer. And it was magic. The whole universe echoing their song in harmony. And it was bliss.

Now you can see their twin reflection in the sea and you could never tell them apart. Joined for eternity, their light shining on all the little stars of this world. And ever since that night the universe was never again the same; only brighter...

John Dimas, 28, is a pharmaceutical student at the University of Athens, Hellas (Greece). He can be reached at jdcl@eexi.gr, or visit his home page.
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