Sitting at Table 13

by Jay

"You know, it has been too long. We should see each other more," I said as we both sat down at the restaurant. It was true. It had been a year since I last saw Kevin. He did agree with that.

"True. But we go to different high schools. It would be hard to see each other. But it was real nice of you to invite me here for lunch."

"Well, it has been a long year for both of us. I figured that we both needed sometime to enjoy ourselves."

The restaurant was very quiet for lunch time. I guessed it was because it was a hot summer Wednesday, and everyone was at the beach. We placed our orders and after some time passed we got bored. So I decided to make small talk.

"So, talk to me. What have you been doing? Meet any interesting girls?" Much to my surprise, he replied, "Nah, I have dated a few, but it didn't click with them. What about you?"

It surprised me because he always struck me as the all American teen guy. I never really thought of myself being hot or anything like that, but it was strange that he didn't have the girls breaking down his door.

"Who are you kidding? 14 years and single all the time. It would be nice to have someone to be with but I don't know when that will happen." I had said someone because I wanted to hint to him something about myself, that I was bisexual. Now either he didn't realize it, or he just wasn't paying attention to me, he just nodded his head and we continued to talk.

I was furious at myself for my being so damn indirect. I had accepted the fact a year ago, and it was time for people to know about it. He was pretty open minded about these things. At this time the waitress both our food, me a chicken BLT and him a bacon cheeseburger, with our drinks and everything else.

"You know," he said, interrupting my thoughts, "there is this one kid I like, we'll call the person X. I really like X a lot. X and I have known each other for a long time. but for some reason, I don't think X will like me." He bit into his sandwich.

"How come," I asked, stuffing a fry in my mouth. What he said next completely caught me off guard.

"X is a guy," he said in a low, soft, voice and just a hint of sadness.

I nearly started to choke on my Coke. When the hell did he become gay? Or bi for that matter.

"Are you gay?" I asked. Dumb question, considering that he just said it. But my heart was pounding. I always wanted someone who was nice, cute, and hot. Kevin fit all of these categories.

He said, "No, bi."

I was beside myself. I would have done cartwheels right there, but we out in public and would have made an interesting social faux pas.

"You probably don't approve of me now, right?" he asked.

I smiled and said, "No, in fact I wanted to tell you that I was bisexual."

"You're kidding, right," he said.

"I hinted it when I said someone. You didn't pick it up."

"I never thought you would be bi. And I did pick it up, I just wasn't sure." I said to him, "Neither was I. But you were the last person I was expecting to be. What is the ratio of gay/bi teens to straight? 1 to 10?"

"I think so."

"If that is true, shouldn't we know a lot more gay and bi teens?" he asked me. And it is such a simple question.

After lunch, we went over to my house for a while. While we were walking to my house. He held my hand, which was one of the best feelings in the world. We talked and talked. About girls we liked and guys we liked. We must have talked for at least 2 hours, and it was refreshing to be able to talk about these sort of thing with another teen.

Soon my parents would be home and Kevin had to go back to his house.

"Thank you," I told him when he was about to leave.

"For what?" he asked.

"Just for being here."

"No problem," he said.

That was when I kissed him. He kissed me back.

That night, I stayed up late thinking about what'd happened between us, what might happen between us. I was a little worried but later, I decided que sera sera. Kevin was a nice guy and I did like him a lot. I was listening to the radio at the time and the theme song from Friends came up. I lay on my bed listening it, and I started to smile to myself. It was funny about how one day at lunch could reveal so much about 2 teens...

Jay is a sophomore in High School. He likes to read, write, and surf the net. He can be reached at Polaris242@aol.com.

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