by Robert Hines
September 1996

Hi again. Well, summer's more than half over. Thank God, I haven't seen any back to school sales yet. A week before August, I decided to come out and just didn't care who knew anymore. I lost a so-called friend. She just decided to stop calling. I really get mad and frustrated sometimes at how people can pass judgment on others like that. But overall the experience has been pretty good.

What was funny was well probably my closest girl friend's mother has a gay brother-in-law. So this was a while back. I knew she had a gay uncle. So before I had come over for the first time, her mother asked her if she wanted to take the picture of her gay uncle and his boyfriend down so we wouldn't make fun or anything. She was like, "Well, umm, you know, Rob's kind of like that, too." Then her mother said she kind of knew already. She asked how.

One day I was over and commented on how nice the bathroom looked, clean and all. The only other person who had done that was her gay uncle's boyfriend. So that was pretty neat. I just appreciate a good looking washroom, I mean important functions go on in there. (I'm not referring to sex anyone.)

I'm kind of looking forward to high school and kind of not. I'll like the way bigger school. It's a change of scenery, too. I'm kind of not because I don't want to get bashed or anything. I suppose I'll have to put up with it now. I mean I don't want to know or anything but there is NO turning back now. Too many people know.

Another thing I had been working on over July was my web page. I woke up one morning and had a mission. I really can't stand people knowing how to do things and me not, getting really jealous like. So I just spent hours on the computer and I came up with "this." Hope you like it.

Last night, my friend and I were downtown, saw a movie and went to see the fireworks. So we were talking all night. I just noticed us talking about gay things in public with other people hearing. It was just the first time I had done that and didn't care. It's like I'm seeing more of myself all the time, It's a really good feeling. So that's pretty much it, sorry it was so short. Well, I hope being out at school this month works out.

Later all.

Robert Hines, 15, lives in Sydney, Nova Scotia and is beginning high school this year. He can be reached at rhines@atcon.com. In last month's issue, he wrote only as "Robert," but has since decided to use his entire name.
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