News - September 1996

Deborah Forte Murder Trial Vigil Set

A peaceful Memorial Vigil has been called by members of Transexual Menace, IFGE, GenderPAC, Renaissance, and AEGIS for the murder trial of Ms. Deborah Forte -- Monday, September 16th. The trial will be held in either Lawrence, MA or nearby Newbury Port.

Ms. Forte, a Haverhill, MA woman, was brutally killed May 15th, 1995 after suffering deep stab wounds to her chest, a smashed nose, severe blows to her head, and partial strangulation.

Charged in the crime was Mr. Thompson, who confessed to a coworker that he had killed Ms. Forte after "messing around" with her and then discovering she had a penis. [See story below]. In a coincidence viewed by some as sadly ironic, and by others as simply monstrous, Ms. Forte's murder occurred only hours after dozens gender activists had left the May 15th, 1995 Memorial Vigil for the murder of Brandon Teena, held in Falls City, NE.

Community leaders say they have called for the Deborah Forte Memorial Vigil to continuing focusing awareness on the tragic level of violence against the transcommunity, as well as to make sure Ms. Forte's death does not go unremembered.

Those interested in attending should contact Riki Anne Wilchins (Riki@Pipeline.Com, 212-645-1753), Nancy Nangeroni (NRN@world.std.com), or Alison Laing (a.l@lng.com). GenderPAC will be renting several rooms in nearby motels for attendees requiring overnight accommodations, Sunday, September 15th.

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