News - September 1996

GenderPAC Mobilization Announced

Leaders of the major US gender organizations together announced Aug. 15 a mobilization meeting to formally launch a nationwide movement against gender-based oppression under the name of "GenderPAC."

The meeting will be held just outside Philadelphia on Saturday, November 2nd, 1996. Joining in the call were IFGE, Renaissance, Tri-S, AEGIS, FTM International, the CTO, Intersexed Society of N. Am. (ISNA), and the Transexual Menace (NY).

Said Alison Laing, JoAnn Roberts, Angela Gardner, Dallas Denny, Jamison Green, Lynn Walker, Jane Ellen Fairfax, Cheryl Chase and Riki Wilchins in a joint statement, "We are calling *all* gender activists to join us in Philadelphia to plan and map a strategy to end gender-based oppression in our time -- not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones and for the youngsters coming up behind us. The moment has come to join hands and bend our communal will to launching this movement. The time for unified effort is now."

The mobilization meeting will kick off at 9 a.m. Saturday and end at noon Sunday. It will feature few breaks or presentations, devoting the time exclusively to planning policy, implementing tactics, and staffing all activities necessary to launch a nationwide movement.

The meeting's aggressive agenda illustrates leaders focus on making GenderPAC a broad-based combination of the gay community's Human Rights Campaign, Nat'l Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Gay & Lesbian Anti-Defamation League (GLAAD), and Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund.

Rooms will be provided by those in the Philadelphia area for those needing some financial assistance to attend. In addition, GenderPAC will be renting a number of rooms in nearby motels, for those willing to share accommodations, and private rooms are available at moderate cost. Every effort is being made to make the Mobilization Meeting as affordable as possible.

Due to space considerations, attendance is limited to 50 people on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please make your reservations early. To make *your* reservation now, please contact Angela Gardner at cgv1@voicenet.com (610)975-9119 or Alison Laing at a.l@lng.com (617)894-8340. For more information on the Mobilization Meeting itself, you can also contact Riki Anne Wilchins at Riki@Pipeline.Com (212)645-1753.

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